Dreams and Visions Seen by Charlie Osburn in the Spirit

Good News Ministries constantly ECHO’S the mandates and decrees which have been given to us through the Roman Catholic Church. We particularly promote the Decree on the Apostolate of the Lay People. In this Decree the Church states: “From the fact of their union with Christ the head, flows the laymen’s right and duty to be apostles. Inserted as they are in the mystical body of Christ by baptism and strengthened by the power of the Holy Spirit in confirmation, it is by the Lord himself that they are assigned to the apostolate. If they are consecrated a kingly priesthood and a holy nation, it is in order that they may in all their actions offer spiritual sacrifices and bear witness to Christ all the world over.” Good News Ministries has established a permanent base of operations in Pensacola, FL in which we will be able to house and train dedicated lay men and women in the simple teachings of loving people into the Kingdom of God. The first permanent, International Catholic School for the Apostolate of the Laity is a reality in Pensacola, FL. We will be administering a systematic method of teaching from a curriculum compiled from the authoritative teachings of the Roman Catholic Church. We will concentrate on the words of Jesus from the Gospel of Mathew, Chapters 5, 6 and 7, practical application of the preceding and personal experience. Our desire is to raise up countless Son’s and Daughter’s of God who will faithfully carry the Gospel of Jesus Christ, through word and deed, to the whole world.


In 1977 after experiencing the baptism in the Holy Spirit, I had a succession of dreams and visions.  I was at my home on Big Bayou Road in Warrington, Fl and I had retired for the evening.  At some point during the night I began to have a dream.  I saw myself standing behind a podium and there were a countless number of people standing in front of and on either side of the podium, a virtual ocean of people as far as the eye could see.  As I stood behind the podium looking out at all of the people, a young man appeared standing next to me and he said “you are going to start a school to train catholic evangelist.”  I was not really clear on what this meant due to the fact I had never heard the words catholic and evangelist used in the same context.  So I said to the young man, “I wouldn’t know anything about starting a school.”  The young man beside me said: “you didn’t know anything about anything until I showed you.”

The next morning when I woke up I immediately got ready and left my home to go see Fr. Jim Smith, my dear personal friend, Priest and confessor at the Holy Spirit Catholic Church on Gulf Beach Highway.  I shared the dream with Fr. Smith and he instructed me to tell the Bishop, Bishop Rene H. Gracida what I had just told him.  So that day I called the Bishops office in Tallahassee, FL and made an appointment to see the Bishop the following day, stating that I had an urgent message I needed to discuss with him.  The appointment was scheduled for 9:00 a.m. the following morning at the Tallahassee Municipal Airport.  I jumped in the airplane I was using for the ministry and took off in plenty of time to make the appointment with Bishop Gracida except for one small detail.  Tallahassee, FL is on Eastern Standard Time and Pensacola is on Central Standard, so I arrived at the airport an hour late. Bishop Gracida was still there waiting for me.  The Bishop was a little put out by my lack of planning, and you can just imagine the look on his face when I told him the reason I had asked for this meeting.  I remember saying rather excitedly, “Bishop! I had a dream and God told me that I was going to build a school to train Catholic Lay Evangelist.”  Bishop Gracida just looked at me and said that’s wonderful.  I then asked the Bishop, how am I going to do this? Again Bishop Gracida just looked at me and said, "If God called you to build it, He will show you how".  At that the Bishop walked out of the airport and left me there wondering, what am I going to do now.  For the next 12 years I told everyone everywhere I went that Good News Ministries was going to establish a School to train Catholic Evangelist.

12 years later, on June the 6th 1988 in Pensacola, FL the First International School to train Catholic Evangelist became a reality under the auspices of Bishop Keith Simons.  Good News Ministries was given a ten year lease on a building adjacent to St. Anthony’s of Padua in Pensacola to conduct schools of evangelization which it did for the 10 years.  After the lease was up we moved to Belize, C.A. to build a church and conduct schools of evangelization throughout the entire country of Belize. 

Today the permanent base of operations for the International School of Evangelization is in Pensacola, FL.  Good News Ministries in conjunction with St Anne’s Catholic Church in Pensacola, FL have broken ground on the new center to train Catholic Evangelist from all around the world.  We have plans of building facilities to not only train but to house and support the trainees while they are involved in their studies.


After my meeting with Bishop Gracida I had my first vision.  In the evenings, after cooking and serving and preaching at the restaurant, my wife and I would hold hands and sing as we would walk home from the restaurant due to the fact that we had given away our car.  I would collapse into my bed and the dreams would come.  I would find myself in the middle of the night being awakened with a question ringing in my head, "Charlie, do you trust me?"  I would always answer the question the same way, "Yes Lord, I trust you with everything."  Immediately following my answer I would hear a resounding response, "you are a LIAR."

 The next night I went through the very same routine. I was awakened in the middle of the night with a question, "Charlie, do you trust me?" I would always say, "Yes Lord I trust you" and immediately I would hear, "You’re a liar." This went on night after night until one night I said "Lord, if you will show me where I am not trusting you I will do it."  The voice said to me; "Give me your restaurant!"  I said  "Lord, I have already given you the restaurant, it belongs to you."  I have a big picture of you in the foyer and right under the picture is a sign that reads “THE BOSS.” Then the voice said to me, "Charlie, if I owned that restaurant I wouldn’t sell the food I would give it away."  I answered that thought with this comment.  "Lord I can’t do that I have to make money some how. I have five children and a house and car to pay for." The Lord then said to me, " you see Charlie, you don’t trust me at all."  I then began to weep and said, "Lord will you teach me to trust you."

A couple of nights later I was working over the deep fat fryers and singing to the Lord in the Mama Nunnari Restaurant.  We were preparing for another exciting evening serving God’s people when I found myself caught up in a vision.  I was standing on the edge of the universe or what seemed to me to be the universe.  From where I was standing it seemed as though I could see everything that was ever created, the brightness of the lights the beauty of the vastness of it all.  The brilliance of the stars was so amazing that I covered my face.  In a moment I was aware that the same young man was standing next to me and he said, “I had you in mind Charlie when I made all of this.” I again looked out at the universe and it became even brighter and more colorful.  The young man then said, “Even if you had been the only person living on the entire face of the earth I would have made it all just for you.”  At hearing this statement I was so over come by it all I again hid my face.  Then the young man standing next to me said; “If I have done all of this just for you don’t you think I could run this dumpy old restaurant.”  All of a sudden I was awake and I ran out of the kitchen to find my wife Jeanne and told her that we would never again sell anything again out of this restaurant.  So the next day I went to the printers shop and had them make new menus with the prices removed.  That was the day that my wife and I began the journey of abandonment.  Every true disciple of the Lord Jesus must experience the loss of all things.  We must all detach from the traps and the snares of the world to truly understand the life of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.


One night I was asleep and I had the following dream.  I was in the middle of a parched desert camped out at a beautiful oasis.  There were tall palm trees and the most beautiful pool of water you could imagine.  I was sitting in my camp when I began to see large numbers of people coming towards the oasis.  As the people came closer I could see that they were all wounded severely with bandages around their heads and they were all carrying or dragging their weapons in the sand.  The long line of people began to walk into the pool of water and as they came out on the other side they were all healed of their wounds, singing praises to the Lord and shouting glory to God.  The other thing that I noticed was that as they came out of the pool they were not carrying any weapons.  Their faces were aglow as if they were on fire and they were all giving thanks to God for allowing them to enter into the battle of life, the battle of, Agape Love.

When the International School of Evangelization became a reality in 1986, I was shocked to see that all of the people who were coming to the school were all wounded.  They were full of anger, bitterness, resentment, hate and jealously.  They were angry at the church, angry at the priest, angry at the nuns, angry with the government, and angry with each other.  They were literally angry with everything.  That is when I began to realize that the school was the oasis.  It was a place where the people who had been fighting the battle of the world could come and go through the oasis.  They could listen to the teachings of Agape Love and be renewed.  The School of Evangelization was an oasis where the cynicism of life could be washed away by the healing word of God.  And after they had received the cleansing they could go back out into the world and fight the true battle of life, the battle of Agape Love.  After they had heard the Love message of God they would all begin to sing praises to the Lord and shout glory to God to their Father who had healed their wounds.  The true battle we fight is the battle of Agape.  Love your enemies.  Do good to those who hate you.  Pray for those who mistreat you.  If you are slapped on one cheek turn the other cheek.  If they take your coat give them your shirt also.  Give to anyone who ask and do not ask for your property back from the one who robs you. Treat others as you would like to be treated.  Love one another as I have loved you.  Mortal Sin is the death sin.  Yes, if you forgive others their faults, sins and failings your heavenly father will forgive you of your faults, sins and failings.  If you do not forgive others of their faults, sins and failings your heavenly father will not forgive you of yours.  Jesus said; “come and I will make you fishers of men.”

We invite you to come and be refreshed at the OASIS, the International Catholic School of Evangelization in Pensacola, FL.