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Revelation 5: 9-10

9. They sang a new hymn: "Worthy are you to receive the scroll and to break open its seals, for you were slain and with your blood you purchased for God those from every tribe and tongue, people and nation.

10. You made them a kingdom and priests for our God, and they will reign on earth."


Lesson 17 - Revelations Part 3

Praise the Lord brothers and sisters and welcome to Lesson 13 - Revelations Part 1 

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The word "Apocalypse" has a negative appeal to most of the world. But contrary to popular belief, as you can see below, the word literally means to lift the veil. The term was first used among Hellenistic Jews to refer to a number of writings which depicted the future state of the world in a parabolic way (e.g. Apocalypse of Baruch). The whole class is now commonly known as 'Apocalyptic literature'. However, the Apocalypse technically refers to the unveiling of God, and not to the destruction of the world, just of our preconceptions.
Our veil of not understanding is lifted as we live the love message. The veil hides the truth which is that God loves us and has paid a price for us. Can we, or better yet, will we echo this to the world.

Below is a quote from the Catechism of the Catholic Church, so please read carefully:

A priestly, prophetic, and royal people

783. Jesus Christ is the one whom the Father anointed with the Holy Spirit and established as priest, prophet, and king. the whole People of God participates in these three offices of Christ and bears the responsibilities for mission and service that flow from them.

784. On entering the People of God through faith and Baptism, one receives a share in this people's unique, priestly vocation: "Christ the Lord, high priest taken from among men, has made this new people 'a kingdom of priests to God, his Father.' the baptized, by regeneration and the anointing of the Holy Spirit, are consecrated to be a spiritual house and a holy priesthood."

785. "The holy People of God shares also in Christ's prophetic office," above all in the supernatural sense of faith that belongs to the whole People, lay and clergy, when it "unfailingly adheres to this faith . . . once for all delivered to the saints," and when it deepens its understanding and becomes Christ's witness in the midst of this world.

786. Finally, the People of God shares in the royal office of Christ. He exercises his Kingship by drawing all men to himself through his death and Resurrection. Christ, King and Lord of the universe, made himself the servant of all, for he came "not to be served but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many." For the Christian, "to reign is to serve him," particularly when serving "the poor and the suffering, in whom the Church recognizes the image of her poor and suffering founder." The People of God fulfills its royal dignity by a life in keeping with its vocation to serve with Christ.

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Answer the following questions for yourself:

Who opened the scroll to allow the horses to roam the earth?

What did the second horse steal from the earth (you)?

Who has the knowledge to know the difference between good and evil?

What did Jesus leave us to render these horses helpless in us?

If you can answer these questions, please continue below.

Read the following very carefully:

You are a one of a kind, absolute unique masterpiece son or daughter of God created in His image and likeness. You have a unique gift and a job to do on this earth that no one else could possibly do but you.

Graduating Quote. From The Catechism of the Catholic Church

519. All Christ's riches "are for every individual and are everybody's property." Christ did not live his life for himself but for us, from his Incarnation "for us men and for our salvation" to his death "for our sins" and Resurrection "for our justification". He is still "our advocate with the Father", who "always lives to make intercession" for us. He remains ever "in the presence of God on our behalf, bringing before him all that he lived and suffered for us."

520. In all of his life Jesus presents himself as our model. He is "the perfect man", who invites us to become his disciples and follow him. In humbling himself, he has given us an example to imitate, through his prayer he draws us to pray, and by his poverty he calls us to accept freely the privation and persecutions that may come our way.

521. Christ enables us to live in him all that he himself lived, and he lives it in us. "By his Incarnation, he, the Son of God, has in a certain way united himself with each man." We are called only to become one with him, for he enables us as the members of his Body to share in what he lived for us in his flesh as our model:

We must continue to accomplish in ourselves the stages of Jesus' life and his mysteries and often to beg him to perfect and realize them in us and in his whole Church. . . For it is the plan of the Son of God to make us and the whole Church partake in his mysteries and to extend them to and continue them in us and in his whole Church. This is his plan for fulfilling his mysteries in us.

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